A Good Start

Well we’re nearly six weeks into the school year.  Both teachers and students have pretty well settled into their routines.  So how is it going so far?  Have you seen improvement since last year since the beginning of the year?

It is often difficult to assess progress early in the school year, but this is the time to catch any problems that might be starting to reveal themselves.  If good habits are not generated now while the material and workload is light it will be difficult to establish them once the real work sets in.

Energy is can also be an issue. At this point you should notice if you child is really tired when they come home from school.  If that is the case you may want to monitor his/her bedtime and make sure they are getting to sleep shortly after going to bed with a full, restful night’s sleep.

Another factor that can affect your student’s alertness is diet.  Try to prepare balanced meals with plenty of items from the fruit and vegetable groups.

In order to establish good habits you will want to check with your child each day when he or she arrives home to see if they have any school work that needs to be completed for the next day.  The best time to complete this work is as soon as possible after the get home.

Finally, be sure to help your student monitor any long-range assignments they may have.  Those are easy to put off and forget about until being pressed to get them done.  Rushing at the end of these is usually a recipe for disaster, not to mention the anxiety that goes along with pressure to get them completed.  A little work on these items daily will alleviate the pressure and put your child at ease for finishing these larger projects on time.

I hope you have had a good start to the year.  Keep it up and you will feel good about all you accomplish.

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