Family Time

“It’s just been crazy around here the last couple of weeks. It seems like I never have even just a few minutes to relax.”

Does that sound like it could be you speaking about the happenings at your house?  As we get closer to the end of summer and the school year beginning things seem to get hectic.  There are school supplies to purchase, transportation schedules to get straight, drop off and pick-up at various practices and just when you think you have it together the car needs service or worse yet it breaks down altogether and throws everything into turmoil.

This was the summer we were going to do all those things with the family and now here it is time for school to start and even our best laid plans have evaporated, and all that time we were going to have together is gone.  Where did it go?  When we step back and look, outside of the time we needed to put in at work maybe we committed too much time to our social media, Facebook and other digital connections we didn’t think we could live without.  Maybe we scheduled too many outings with friends, i.e. nights out with the girls or guys; movie night by our self just because we needed to get away.

We schedule our self so tight that we never seem to have time for family.  So how do we rectify that situation and have the time with our family that we know we need but never seem to have time for in our busy schedule?  There’s the answer, we schedule.  Just like all those other “important” things in our lives if we truly feel that family time is important, and who doesn’t, then it must be part of our regular schedule.

Not only does scheduling family time insure that we will have that time together, it also affords us the opportunity to listen to the joys and heartaches of those closest to us.  During this scheduled time, what better to participate in a daily family devotion, growing together in your faith and the love of your Savior.

Be intentional in your family and experience the benefits of life with those whom God has placed closest to you.

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