Pastor Mark

Pastor Mark was born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and grew up in nearby Howards Grove. After attending prep school and college in Watertown, WI, he received a Master of Divinity degree from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, WI in 1978.

Pastor Mark has had the privilege of serving as a pastor in congregations in South Milwaukee, WI, New Orleans, LA, The Woodlands, TX, and Tulsa, OK. He retired from full-time ministry in 2020 and then served part-time ministries in Little Rock, AR and Flower Mound, TX. Since July of 2021 he has been serving here at Living Word in Marble Falls. From 1985-1990 Mark was the Dean of Students of our church body’s prep school in Watertown, WI, which trains high school students who are interested in future ministry.

Music has always been a passion for him. At worship, besides presiding and preaching, Pastor Mark also plays the baby grand piano. He has composed much of the service music used in worship. While living in the community of The Woodlands, he was the president of the board of directors of The Woodlands Symphony Orchestra for seven years. Since he is a musician and worship leader, our national church body elected him to serve as the chairman of the National Commission on Worship from 1999-2010. For sixteen years he also served as a vice president of the WELS South Central District, of which Living Word is a member.    

Mark and his wife, Betsy, have been married since October 1980. The Lord blessed them with three children: Kristin (Kelly) Crow of Spring, TX, Peter (Lauren) Bitter of Jacksonville, FL, and Brooke of Austin TX. Mark and Betsy have one grandson, Jason of Jacksonville, FL.

Since retirement Mark and Betsy have enjoyed a trip to Hawaii, a 10-day tour of Israel, and have taken cruises to the Bahamas, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Honduras, and Mexico. There are future plans for additional exciting vacations. 

Pastor Mark also enjoys gardening, cooking, being a gym shark (since 2009), and trying to have the best tan on the ship at the end of the cruise. But more than anything else, he loves serving the Lord Jesus and God’s people in ministry.

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